Nuevo Laredo Cantina: Mexican Restaurant in Atlanta Georgia

Nuevo Laredo Cantina: Mexican Restaurant

Work: (404) 352-9009
1495 Chattahoochee Avenue Northwest

Atlanta, Georgia, United States 30318

Atlanta Mexican RestaurantAtlanta Nightlife: Restaurant Review: Authentic Mexican food, Atlanta Mexican Restaurant at a casual, festive restaurant just northwest of Midtown, in what is referred to as West Midtown.

This restaurant is one of those “Atlanta best kept secrets” types of places… an out of the way little family run restaurant with outstanding food.  We went on a sunny day in February.  It was very busy, and we had to wait about 20 minutes for a table.  You can wait for your table inside if there are any seats near the entrance, at the bar or in nice weather, outside on the front patio.


The Bar at Nuevo Laredo Cantina, Atlanta, Georgia

With no available tables, there were people waiting at the bar mixed in with some who were eating or just drinking at the bar.  The bar wasNuevo Laredo Cantina pretty much at capacity at that time, with several people deep before you can reach the bar itself.  We each tried a margarita while waiting.  The margaritas were made from sweet and sour mix, a little heavy on the mix. So the drinks are nothing special, but the food definitely is.  This would not be an Atlanta bar where you would go out at night, but might be an interesting happy hour if you work in the neighborhood.

We enjoyed our drinks outside on the patio, where things were a little less crowded and we were able to find a couple open seats.

The Food at Nuevo Laredo Cantina, Atlanta Restaurant

Nuevo Laredo: Chimichanga

The chimichanga was great.  It looked and smelled so good, I just started eating before remembering to take a photo.  Deep fried just a touch to give it the crispy outside.  Served with beans, rice and and a little tortilla with diced peppers, tomatoes and onions in it. The beans have that slightly beefy or fatty flavor you get in authentic cooked Mexican food.  I can’t say much for presentation, but the food is cooked perfectly, served hot and fresh, and spot on authentic Mexican.

Ambiance at Nuevo Laredo Cantina, Mexican Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia

Looking Atlanta Mexican Restaurant Decoraround the restaurant, you notice the colorful Mexican decorations and personal framed photographs that give the place a very personal, family owned feeling.  The restaurant is decorated the way someone might decorate their basement recreation room. Checkered oil cloth (similar to vinyl) table clothes, and painted wood chairs add to the impression of a Mexican diner. Obviously not professionally decorated, you feel like you are in someone’s home away from home.

Inside dining at Nuevo Laredo Cantina, Atlanta Restaurant

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