Atlanta Aquarium Jazz Visitor Reviews, Coupons and Discount Tickets

Georgia Aquarium

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States 30313

Shark at Georgia AquariumGeorgia Aquarium, in downtown Atlanta, boasted as the biggest aquarium in the world, this summer tries to make fish watching cooler with the Jazz Journey.

During the daytime, as far as entertainment goes, this one’s pretty much for the kids.  Sure it’s one hell of a fish tank, though not a huge thrill.  Though, it may make a cute place for a wholesome date.  Especially if you want to appeal to maternal instincts.  You’ll see just as many kids as you do fish.  The “Finding Nemo” wanna-be mascot also makes a questionable first impression, but the kids don’t know the difference.

So does the Jazz Journey transform the Georgia Aquarium into an exciting experience for adults?

Jazz at Georgia Aquarium First Hand Experience

The difference is there are no kids to trip over.  So you can more quickly go through the exhibits, without the crowds.  I guess if you really like jazz and really like looking at the fish, its a must see.  The exhibits are kind of cool to see.  Otherwise, its not really a jazz club experience that you may be hoping to find.  We were overdressed.

Aquarium TunnelWhen we went, there was the token lone dancer burning up the floor, but unlike most clubs, the rest of the crowd doesn’t shelter him from view when a good song comes on, or when the night gets going.  Its just a little awkward… and stays that way.

Atlanta Georgia Aquarium Discount Tickets and Coupons

There are a couple places to get discounts for the Georgia Aquarium.  Regular price is $26.  We got a discount ticket for the Georgia Aquarium from a local Atlanta meetup group.  Another place you can try is RetailMeNot Georgia Aquarium.  If don’t need to go right this second, you can follow them on Twitter for Georgia Aquarium coupon codes or get discount tickets for Georgia Aquarium by becoming a facebook fan.

Atlanta Georgia Aquarium Reviews

What did you think of the Jazz at the Georgia Aquarium?  How did you get a discount?

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